Waste Management, Carlow, Ireland

Our client specialises in Waste Management, based in Carlow, Ireland. Operating within the environmental management sector. Our client mostly works mostly in contamination of building structures, foundations, adjacent ground, and water sources.


Remediation activity is managed by a specialist contractor under the close supervision of an insurance company, who define cost boundaries, generated by the remediation plan, which is initially informed by a risk assessment of effect on human health. 

Our clients R&D is still ongoing, but they have made significant progress deeming the overall project a R&D success. The development of their ‘non-intrusive’ methodology for remediation of domestic oil spills remains ongoing with significant live testing in real environments to provide invaluable data and knowledge informing the next iteration of a non-intrusive remediation methodology. 

Significant time and effort are being spent on testing and refining the use of injection lances and recovery wells as the company competent professional is of the opinion that these two technologies have the biggest impact on the development of non-intrusive remediation.


Once live testing is concluded, they are confident this method will become the sustainable norm and provide opportunity to remediate buildings and properties back to their original condition at a cost that is acceptable to the insurance industry and homeowners. 

The Momentum technical team concluded that our client has resolved a multitude of complex technical challenges, and it has developed, tested, and refined advanced prototype methodologies and solutions. Therefore, this solution developed involves technologies in the field of science and environmental disaster recovery. 

Our client’s claim was submitted to the Revenue and the benefit has been receipted. We are continuing to work with the client through this project and future projects as they continue to push the boundaries in this sector.


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