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Helping you make the most of tax incentives and allowances

Founded in 2009 by business growth expert Tom Verner, Momentum is a multi award-winning Specialist Tax Consultancy firm.


"At Momentum, we’re dedicated to helping each and every client in Ireland achieve the absolute optimum R&D tax credit and property capital allowances relief they are legitimately due.



With a proven track record in generating significant financial benefit for businesses right across Ireland, our experienced Tax Incentive Consultants understand how transformative the right Research & Development and Property Capital Allowance tax advice can help drive your business forward.



Many businesses are unaware that they may be entitled to claim credit against their R&D expenditure and company assets. Equally, we often help other companies who are not taking full advantage of these tax incentives that are available to them.



Our extensive experience built up from specialising in this niche area makes us highly successful at identifying, analysing and optimising all your R&D and Capital Allowance claim opportunities.



We don’t just sit behind a desk crunching numbers, our experienced technical team meet clients on-site and really understand what activities your company has been involved in. We have real conversations - we dig that bit deeper to really understand your business and how we can help.


For us, it’s all about seeing the bigger picture. Our dedicated team work hard to ensure you claim the tax incentives you are entitled to. Being able to lean on our experts help means you can seize every advantage in the future.”



Tom Verner

Momentum Group Managing Director

Making your claims easier


Claiming tax incentives can be daunting, complex and technical.

That’s why our team manage your claim from start to finish.

We take the hassle out of the process, and we don’t do jargon – so you get clear, no-nonsense information and professional advice every step of the way.

With us on board, you can leave the process safely in the hands of experts while you get on with running your business.

We stand over every claim we prepare.

Quality assurance

Quality and compliance lie at the heart of what we do. Our carefully selected, close-knit team come from backgrounds in Big 4 consultancy, global engineering, manufacturing, financial services and also include Chartered Accountants, engineers and a full support team.

We work closely with respected accountancy firms and financial institutions, as well as industry associations, corporate bodies, banks and business consultants, to name but a few.

To ensure our services meet the highest standards, and to safeguard our clients, we are ISO9001 certified, PCRT compliant, and abide by Anti-Money Laundering legislation.

You can rest assured our expert Tax Consultants stand over every claim application we prepare.

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