Are you an accountancy practice or business consultant?

If so, we can partner with you to add real financial benefits to your clients through R&D Tax Credits & Property Capital Allowances.


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Are you an accountancy firm or business consultant whose clients would like professional advice on R&D Tax Credits or Property Capital Allowances?


Do you want to be able to offer your clients the highest quality tax incentive services, with minimal effort whilst earning a ‘professional fee’ for assisting us?


Becoming a Momentum Partner is a win-win. It benefits both your clients, and you.


With Momentum’s Partner & Affiliate Referral Programme, we’ll take on the scope of work you refer to us and your remuneration is immediately settled when the client receives their benefit and pays their invoice.


Becoming a Momentum Partner is a win-win

It benefits both your clients, and you.


Making tax claims easier

As a leading Irish tax incentive advisory firm, specialising in R&D Tax Credits and Property Capital Allowances, we understand the extensive effort required to prepare and submit claims.

This process involves meticulous research, financial analysis, and preparation, all of which are complex, technical, and extremely time-consuming. At Momentum, our dedicated team handle these tasks every day.

By partnering with us, you can eliminate the hassle of managing claims for both you and your clients. Our tax incentive experts will take care of everything, ensuring your client receives their tax benefit promptly, while freeing up your valuable time to focus on other important aspects of your work.

When you choose Momentum as your trusted tax incentive partner, you can rest assured that your referrals will receive the highest quality service, advice, and customer care from our experienced and dedicated professional team.


How it works

  • Let's get to know each other

    Let's get to know each other

    We keep in touch regularly with you and your colleagues to forge a strong ongoing relationship that means youre able to refer your clients to us with total confidence......
  • You refer to us

    You refer to us

    As soon as your refer one of your clients to us we meet face-to-face with them for a free no-obligation business consultation to assess their eligibility for a potential RD tax claim......
  • We build the claim

    We build the claim

    Our team collaborates closely with your clients to thoroughly uncover and document the full extent of their RD Capital Allowance activities, along with the associated costs. We prepare the comprehensive technical reports in support of their CT1 submissions to The Revenue....
  • We pay you on completion

    We pay you on completion

    It usually takes no longer than 6-8 weeks to receive the benefit. We pay you on completion, when the client settles their invoice with us, we pay you in accordance with our commercial arrangement....

To find out about our Partner & Affiliate Referral Programme, contact Momentum’s specialist R&D Tax Consultants today.

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