Already Claiming R&D Tax Credits?

Our on-site skilled observation and in-depth analysis provide a panoramic view of your R&D activities

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Even the smallest oversight could mean an undervalued calculation, despite what you're entitled to. A second opinion costs nothing.

If you’re already receiving R&D tax relief, you’ll know just how valuable that benefit can be to your bottom line. What you might not know is that by partnering with Momentum's R&D tax credit experts you gain the advantage of specialist insight that generates real value, capturing costs often overlooked and claim your complete entitlement.

Already Claiming R&D Tax Credits?

Why a second opinion is critical

At Momentum, we spot the little things that make a big difference.

Like many other businesses, you may have an in-house or external finance team who manage all areas of tax with Revenue. The difficulty is that even the most competent company accountants may not have the time, resources or fully understand the intricate complexities and subtle nuances of the process well enough to cover all bases. That's where we come in, collaborating with you and your external accountants.

By availing of a second opinion you can be confident that you are compliant, accurate in judgement and maximising all opportunities.

We will thoroughly review your R&D activities, pinpoint areas for enhancement, and diligently work to secure any additional benefits you are entitled to.

Our team includes experienced R&D Tax Credit Consultants, Chartered Accountants, business and strategy consultants, researchers and compliance experts. We might be the R&D tax credit experts, but we like to keep things simple, giving you the clear, honest, straightforward advice you need to move forward.


So why not get a second, expert opinion from Momentum?

Your initial exploratory conversation is free and will give you the clarity and peace of mind that you’ve done all you can to gain the maximum benefits. And if there are opportunities missed, we’ll explain how to reclaim them.

It’s as simple as that.

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