Steel Manufacturing, Dundalk, Ireland

Client B specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of stainless-steel fabrications and turnkey projects. their work involves custom stainless-steel and pipework solutions to meet and surpass international manufacturing standards. They work for a various number of industries including pharmaceutical, chemical, food & dairy, oil & gas, brewing and manufacturing.


The team involved were able to develop a new novel process for installing a connection utilities box into the roof of a cleanroom, without contaminating the site, by pre-sealing the lid to the roof. The lid was certified to be included in the roof of a cleanroom as a structural entity.


With other projects clearly identified there were several advancements made, including upgrades in processes improving extraction and transportation time, increasing productivity, and decreasing downtime. R&D can be involved in processes and doesn’t always need to be in a final product.

The team at Momentum are made up of professionals from different backgrounds in engineering and manufacturing, to software and accountancy and many more. Working alongside our client’s team, we were able to discover a number of projects where R&D was evident and ensure it was recorded in the report before submitting to the Revenue.



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