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Do my Printing and Packaging projects qualify for R&D tax credits?

If you’re unsure which of your projects might be eligible for a claim, our specialist Tax Consultants will examine every element of your business, so you receive every penny due to you from HMRC.

Everyday examples of R&D activities in the Printing and Packaging industry include:

  • Activities related to the pursuit of new trends such as water-based printing;
  • Developing cutting edge innovative ideas, like the application of nanotechnology to printing;
  • Researching and creating new, novel, environmentally friendly or sustainable activities and processes;
  • Developing cutting-edge technological solutions, for example R&D surrounding value-add or materials re-use with a new innovative product-based perspective;
  • Trialling, testing or prototyping of energy-related methodologies for re-use and recovery; and
  • Appreciably improving processing techniques, for example, to ensure compliance with environmental legislation, improve materials recycling and re-use, or energy optimisation.

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