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Do my Security & Communication projects qualify for R&D tax credits?

It can be a challenge to identify which of your Security and Communication activities might enable you to submit an R&D tax claim. That’s why we’re here to help.

Some examples we often identify include:

  • Developing analytics for video perimeter protection or facial recognition to improve the quality of detection or movement of people, vehicles or items for access control, security and monitoring;
  • Developing new technologies such as biometric solutions, from iris recognition to fingerprint and palm scanning, into existing access control functionality or combining them with proximity or PIN verification to create higher levels of security;
  • Innovative use of integrated existing technologies to create new or improved functionality in the security or communications industry, including surveillance, detection, access control, reporting, monitoring or tracking;
  • Developing SMART solutions for the monitoring and tracking of people, vehicles or goods using new or existing technologies to improve processes or solutions;
  • Appreciably extending the functionalities of existing applications or systems, including where new technologies interface with legacy platforms;
  • Developing processes that meet increasing regulatory requirements;
  • Attempting to integrate various platforms which are not standard or routine; and
  • Testing and prototyping products or processes.

Our experienced Tax Consultants are here to help if you need clarity on claiming R&D tax credits for Security and Communication projects. Get in touch for straightforward, expert advice.

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