Manufacturing & Engineering

Do my Manufacturing & Engineering projects qualify for R&D tax credits?

If you’re not sure whether your business could be entitled to tax relief for Manufacturing and Engineering Research and Development, we can conduct a thorough analysis for you.

Common examples of projects that might be eligible include:

  • Designing and developing tools and equipment;
  • Designing innovative manufacturing and engineering equipment;
  • Integrating new materials to improve manufacturing and engineering processes;
  • Evaluating and determining the most efficient flow of material;
  • Increasing ease of operation or suitability of manufactured products;
  • Identifying technological improvements to manufacturing processes, products and software;
  • Developing new processes to meet changes in manufacturing/engineering regulations;
  • Attempting to design or develop a product, process or make an improvement to something already in existence that is proving difficult to do; and
  • Testing and prototyping products or processes.

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